Below are other Carl Barks sculptures done by different artists.

At the age of 97, Carl Barks decided to do a collaborative work with Giuseppe Armani.Florence Scultere d' Arte. The result was this sculpture, titled "Eureka", which portrays three-dimensionally Carl Barks' painting of "Eureka, A Goose Egg Nugget", the moment when Scrooge becomes rich. The sculpture is limted to 3,000 pieces. The first 500 pieces of the edition were issued with certificates of verification signed by both Giuseppe Armani and Carl Barks. The retail price on the sculpture was $800.

"This Dollar Saved My Life at Whitehorse" is a sculpture done by Enzo Artzenton, founder of the House of Laurenz. This piece is made using a centuries-old tradition of casting pure Italian Capodimonte porcelain. This sculpture was released through Forest Lamps and Gifts of New York in two editions totalling 250 pieces. The Regular Edition is made up of 235 pieces, and the remaining fifteen pieces comprise the Another Rainbow Edition, which were sold through Another Rainbow. The AR pieces cost $3,500 each ($4,950 for number one) and came with a special encapsulated signature of Carl Barks attached to the Certificate of Authenticity. His simulated signature can be found on all of the pieces, whether from the Regular or AR edition.

A collaboration between Carl Barks and Theo Fabergé, grandson of the famed jeweler Carl Fabergé who made the famous "Faberé Eggs" for the Russian czars in the 1800s, yielded the Scrooge McDuck Midnight Egg, part of the St. Petersburg Collection. The outside of the crystal egg has been hand etched and enamelled to depict the exterior of the Treasury Building. When the egg is opened, Scrooge McDuck can be seen inside wallowing in gold and other treasures. The top on the urn next to Scrooge also slides open to reveal more treasures. The egg is 146 millimeters in height and was created using sterling silver, gold, enamel, and precious stones. It was released in 1992 in a Limited Edition of 250, which is sold out.