The Carl Barks Fan Club (CBFC) was originally formed in July, 1999, in anticipation of Carl's 100th birthday, March 27, 2001. Unforunately, Carl died on August 25, 2000, just a few months short of his centennial birthday, but he knew that we were forming the club to honor him and he even authorized the formation of the fan club. The CBFC is an oncorporated club with a Board of Directors with meetings held usually every other month. The club currently has 164 members from around the world. There are approximately 25-30 international members, including a strong representation from the Scandinavian countries.

If you are interested in joining the Fan Club, the initial year's dues are $25 US (or $40 if you would like a beautiful logo pin). Our logo (a bag of gold, pick & shovel, and gold mugget with Uncle Scrooge's top hat protruding from the top of the bag of gold) was created by Carl in March of 1997. Premiums that come with the initial year's membership are a membership certificate, gold embossed logo folder, membership card, and quarterly newsletter. Each year's additional membership is currently $15, though international members are encouraged to remit $20 Us to cover the extra postage costs to international destinations.

The CBFC president is Ed Bergen. Please e-mail him at or write him with all membership requests.

Carl Barks Fan Club
P.O. Box 444
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60039-044

You can visit the official Carl Barks Fan Club website by clicking here.